Monday, May 12, 2014

We're the Millers

David, a drug dealer, is incapable to repay his boss what he owes him. So his boss put forward him a scheme; go to Mexico and get some marijuana for him. Knowing it's going to be hard to get it across the border, he comes up with a plan; to fake as a family man. Now all he needs is a family so he asks Kenny, his neighbor, to be his son. He then asks Rose, a stripper he knows to be his wife. And Kenny recommends they ask Casey, a teen living on her own, to be the daughter. They call themselves the Millers and rent an RV then go into Mexico and learn that the amount of drugs is way more than David's boss implied it would be. So they put it in the RV and make their way back to the U.S. But it turns out that David's boss is trying to pull a fast one. The drugs belong to someone else and he sets out to get them back.

This is a very hilarious movie with brilliant comic timings. I just loved the way the story proceeds and how it is not at all predictable. You will be surprised and amused every five minutes. Overall this is a great movie to watch with friends during weekends and will surely cheer you up

Source: Youtube, IMDB

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